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Fougasse, the pen name of Cyril Kenneth Bird, was an eminent British cartoonist whose work vividly captured the spirit and social nuances of his time. Born in 1887, he rose to prominence through his distinctive style and wit, most notably during the early to mid-20th century. Fougasse’s legacy is perhaps best encapsulated in his wartime posters, which not only served a practical purpose in Britain’s propaganda efforts during both World Wars but also brought a touch of levity and British stoicism to the public. His ability to convey complex messages through simple, yet profoundly expressive illustrations made his work both accessible and enduring.

In this gallery, visitors are invited to explore a curated collection of Fougasse’s posters, each a testament to his skillful blend of humour and poignant commentary. From his iconic “Careless Talk Costs Lives” series, which remains a quintessential example of effective wartime communication, to his lighter, yet equally insightful observations on everyday British life, the exhibition offers a comprehensive look at his contributions to art and society. Fougasse’s work not only provides a visual history lesson but also continues to inspire and entertain, proving that his cartoons are as relevant and engaging today as they were when first published.

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