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1950s Print Ads

1950s Living It Up Post-War


Jump to the 1950s, and it’s like everyone’s taken a big sigh of relief. Rationing is on its way out people have a bit more cash jingling in their pockets, and ads are back with a bang! They’re now splashed with colour, showing off all the new gizmos and gadgets that make life easier and more fun. The vibe’s all about modern living and enjoying the finer things. And with more mags and papers around, ads were everywhere. Businesses were chucking more money at advertising, riding the wave of that post-war optimism. It’s like Britain got a new lease of life and was keen to show it off!
This page has over 1,300 ads culled from various UK publications and dated where possible. They are presented by category – just click on a category, or you can search and order them.

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