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Nicolas Bentley

Nicolas Bentley (1907-1978) was a man of many parts – publisher, circus clown, film extra, novelist, mimic, journalist, fireman, poet, ad man and commercial artist. The son of EC Bentley, inventor of the derihew, and the godson of GK Chesterton, he became one of our best-loved humorous cartoonists and caricaturists. Among the 70-odd books which still carry the immortal by-line Nicolas Bentley Drew the Pictures are works by George Mikes, Hilaire Belloc. JB Morton, Damon Runyon, Lawrence Durrell, Kingsley Amis and most famously TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, on which Andrew Lloyd- Webber’s musical Cats is based Here are 6 volumes that reflect his wide range.

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