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Larry Cartoons

Terence Parkes, affectionately known by his pen name ‘Larry’, was a master of capturing the quirks and foibles of everyday British life with a gentle, yet incisive wit. His single-panel cartoons were more than just drawings; they were windows into the soul of mid-20th century Britain, combining understatement with a keen observational humour that resonated deeply with the public. Larry’s art was a delightful medley of self-deprecation and wry commentary, often featuring endearing characters caught in hilariously relatable predicaments. His legacy is a treasure trove of laughter and a candid mirror of a society that could laugh at itself. This  page is dedicated to celebrating Larry’s prolific talent, his enduring appeal, and the joy he brought to so many through his insightful, comedic artistry. I have managed to collect 9 of his books for you to enjoy.

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