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Audio Ads 2

Sweets Audio Ads

The adverts for all that sugar and chocolate were so memorable.


Cadbury Flake
The crumbliest flakiest chocolate in the world and the most suggestive ads ever


Rowntrees Fruit Gums
Kids pester power in action


Nestle Milky Bars
More pester power – no wonder we all had rotten teeth


Opal Fruits
Made to make you mouth water – fresh with the tang of citrus


Walls Cornetto
Opera was never the same afterwards


Mars Bars
A Mars a day helps you work rest and play (and get fat)


Cadbury Fruit And Nut


Cadbury Finger of Fudge


Jacobs Club Chocolate
There were a lot of variations on this one – and I just wanted to join all the clubs


Other Ads

There are many other categories of ads – here are a final selection

Sheila’s Wheels 1
They built an insurance company with just a series of catchy ads for women

Sheila’s Wheels 2

QT Sunscreen – The UK Version


Bran Flakes
This ad takes artistic licence to extremes – selling tasteless flakes as tasty.

Kellogs Cornflakes



Do It All
Do It All were a chain of DIY sheds created by WH Smith. It was sold multiple times until it finally went bust. The service was always terrible.

Kwik Fit

Yes it’s American – but who else could make such a great advert for a spring!

There is more…

There is another page full of audio ads just waiting for you to explore. Click here

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