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Film Clips 3

Extract From Live Now Pay Later

A short masterclass in the hard sell from the 1962 movie Live  Now Pay Later which stars Ian Hendry

Lady Godiva Rides Again

Lady Godiva Rides Again AKA Bikini Babe is a 1951 comedy film. The plot such as it is revolves around a beauty contest and the downward spiral of Marjorie Clark after she wins it, before the happy ending of being whisked to Australia and having kids. A throw away scene has them painting a horse white for Marjorie to ride naked. Different times!

Last Crooked Mile 1946

After a bank robbery, the loot disappears and is sought after by an insurance investigator, the police and the surviving robbers. The film is not the best movie, the plot is awful but this scene starring Adele Marr is brilliant. What happens when you buy a 25c fan?

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