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Whitaker’s Almanac

Whitaker’s Almanack was an institution with me for several years – as regularly as a Terry’s Christmas Chocolate Orange I’d ask for and get a Whitaker. I always thought how useful they would be, but they only ever were a fascinating wander through the trivia of the times.

On the title page they describe the books as:
Astronomical and other Phenomena
A vast Amount of Information respecting the Government, Finances, Population, Commerce, and General Statistics of the various Nations of the World


Putting this collection together has proved difficult. Each book is large and difficult to scan so I have relied on existing scans out on the net, in the public domain. However, many required some major reworking before I could usefully include them in this collection – including doing character recognition so they are searchable (ish). They are all large, despite my best endavours at about 100meg each – so they may be slow to download.

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