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1940’s Print Ads 1

1940s Keep Calm and Advertise On

In the 1940s, with World War II in full swing, British advertising had to get a bit creative. It wasn’t just about flogging products anymore, it was about keeping spirits high and spreading important info. You know, with all the rationing and shortages, ads had to be smaller and simpler. Paper was as rare as hen’s teeth, so they couldn’t go all out. Plus, loads of folks who’d usually be dreaming up these ads were busy helping with the war effort. So, what did they focus on? Well, it was all about making do with what you had and sticking together as a country. Money-wise, let’s just say the ad budgets were tighter than a duck’s rear end.

This page has over 450 ads culled from various UK publications and dated where possible. They are presented by category – just click on a category, or you can search and order them.

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