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The Latest Additions

25/04/22 There are 10 copies of British car brochures spanning the period  the 1950’s to the 1980’s.  They are here.

05./04/22 10 copies of Lilliput – the mans tiny magazine with some slightly risque bits – here

18/02/22 2 new books in the Ronnie Barker collection – here.

14/02/22 We have 7 copies of Woman’s Realm from the late 1960’s to 1985 and they are here.

13/02/22 The master comedian, Ronnie Barker is celebrated here with 10 books by and about him. They are here.

08/02/22 Now there are 8 copies of the Radio Times for the late 1950’s – they are all here.

05/02/22 There are 21 copies of Woman And Home magazine for the years 1959 to 1961 here.

29/01/22 Micheal Green published a series of humorous classics with titles like The Art Of Coarse… Sport or… Rugby or… Sex. There is a selection here

24/01/22 Picture Post was a British magazine that showed life in photographs from the late ’30s to the late 1950s. In its day it had a circulation of over 1.7m copies. We have some 8 examples here plus two books

19/01/22 There are another 14 or so books added to the Thelwell Books page. Enjoy them here.

15/01/22 There is a new massive post of Country Life magazines from 1897 to 1925. They are a fascinating snapshot of posh life at the beginning of the 20th century. They are here.

03/01/2022  We start the new year with a massive new post of Whitaker’s Almanack with 22 copies of the almanack covering the period up to the 21st century. They are here 

28/12/2021 There are some Ideal Home magazines from the 30’s, 50’s and 60’s for you to enjoy here

26/12/21 British naughty seaside postcards were produced in industrial quantities in the 20th century – here are some books that chronicle and illustrate their history. Just follow this link 

19/12/21 I have altered the title of the Letters to the Telegraph page to widen it’s appeal to include all readers letters books. This has allowed me to include 3 more,

Outraged Of Tunbridge Wells, letters to the Tunbridge Wells Chronicle
I Am Sure I Speak For Others , letters to the BBC
I’ve Said It Before, letters to the Daily Mail
They are all here

14/12/21 3 new magazines added to magazines page. They are Ideal Home January 1966, Homemaker Nov 1969 and Homemaker December 1969. They are in glorious flip book, Ocr’d and they are here at the end of the page

07/12/21 A new selection of Christmas Books has been added here

04/12/2021 A new Mini Ha Ha Book – 500 Quick Fire Gags has been added here

28/11/2021The Daily Telegraph has been publishing readers letters books for years (and some others) – here are 10 of them

27/11/2021 A large number of books have been published with witty aphorisms in them – here are several at random

13/11/2021 A large selection of books have been added they are

“The Archers” is a long running radio drama – over the years they have spawned a selection of books – some are here 

The BBC have published a number of books over the years – an interesting selection is here 

Henry Cecil wrote a large number of books about the British legal system – there are 10 here 

Richard Gordon was a hugely successful author based on his Doctor books and the films they spawned – there are 12 here

21/10/21 A large selection of BBC World Service Magazine called London Calling added here.

21/10/21 There is a new copy of a manual called News Of The World Household Guide and Almanac here.

18/10/21 A large selection of BBC Year Books have been added here

14/10/21 I have uploaded a copy of the 1950’s mega work Better Home Making. It is packed with fascinating features. You can read it here.

11/10/21 I have uploaded copies of 2 books from the bankrupt retailer Past Times. They are “On The Home Front” and “Lawyers”, both books of cartoons and articles from Punch. They are here.

09/10/21 I have uploaded my entire collection of Punch Magazine here.

05/10/21 There are 9 full copy scans of the paperbacks called the Mini Ha Ha Series here

04/10/21 There are 9 full copies of Family Circle Magazine here from 1967 – 1976. It was the number one selling magazine in the UK at the time. Find out what the money conscious supermarket goer was reading here.

03/10/21 There are nearly 300 full page, colour adverts taken from Good Housekeeping Magazine for 1954 here 

01/10/21 12 full copies of Good Housekeeping Magazine spanning the whole of 1954 are now uploaded.
The first 6 months of 1954 are here
July to December 1954 are here

27/09/21 More Thelwell – 5 of his classic cartoon books long out of print. Check them out here 

03/09/21 Thelwell the classic cartoonist is celebrated with some of his rare colour cartoons here

30/08/21 British Gas, the state owned gas monopoly had a long running series of adverts featuring a character called Mr Therm. A Term was a funny heat unit that they invented because, presumably, they thought that no one would understand kilowatt hour. They are here.

10/08/21 The most interesting section of the GWR Holiday Haunts were the adverts. So we’ve taken the best ones and dedicated a page to the best ads from GWR Holiday Haunts for 1930 – here.

08/08/21 The start of another huge section of books – we start with a thousand page monster GWR Holiday Haunts – an encyclopedic guide issued by GWR as one of series giving all of the holiday information you could want in 1930. Check out the flipbook here..

02/08/21 A massive new section of print adverts was added. They run to 13 pages with loads of print adverts for each era. You can find the.

27/07/21 A new section of audio adverts added – two pages – 40 catchy tunes – are here and here .

20/07/21 Miniature Camera Magazine from 1937 to 1941 – a selection of covers, articles and published adverts are here.

17/07/21 Now I have added the cartoons section. See it here. 
The first section within cartoons is the funny church cartoons – you can see them here.

15/07/21 The site begins. There are now 47 of the 20th Century Ephemera magazines already available to view. There will be lots more to enjoy as the site develops in the next few weeks and years. See them here


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