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1960’s Print Ads

1960s  The Swinging Ads

The 1960s that’s when things really started to shake up! It’s the era of the “Swinging Sixties,” and the ads are as groovy as the times. With the youth culture exploding, ads start talking their language – bolder, funnier, and a bit cheeky. It’s a total turnaround from the stuffy ads of the ’50s. Colour’s all the rage now, and the ads are as flashy and eye-catching as a Carnaby Street shop window. The economy’s buzzing, and so are the ad budgets. This decade is like the Beatles of advertising – totally revolutionary and unforgettable. British ads weren’t just selling stuff but setting trends that would stick around for ages.

This page has 395 ads culled from various UK publications and dated where possible. They are presented by category – just click on a category, or you can search and order them.

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