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Film Clips

There are some of the most delightful, funny, quirky, and downright entertaining moments captured on camera in these the Film Clip pages

There’s just something about these tiny snippets of cinematic history that bring joy. Not only do you get the fashion, the hairstyles, and the way that people spoke. Or perhaps it’s the fact that these clips capture a moment in time that I saw and can never recapture

So what might you find as you wander:

On clip page 1 you can see Barbara Stanwyck trying to bathe a baby, Charles Hawtrey as a flicking painter (and yes they understood the double entendre, if you were wondering), and Jayne Mansfield with visual gags that the censors must have missed. It’s all here.

On clip page 2 you can see Ian Hendry mastering the hard sell with the chimney on fire routine. Sid James demands they paint a horse white. And learn the way to use a cheap fan. It’s here

On clip page 3 we have Susannah York and Roger Moore in the bath together, a Rolls Royce being destroyed and King Tut. Check it out.

It is ultra eclectic, and great fun. Who knows, you might just discover your new favourite piece.

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