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Light Fiction

Eclectic Light Fiction

Micheal Green published a series of humorous classics with titles like The Art Of Coarse… Sport or… Rugby or… Sex. There is a selection here

“The Archers” is a long running radio drama – over the years they have spawned a selection of books – some are here 

Henry Cecil wrote a large number of books about the British legal system – there are 10 here 

Richard Gordon was a hugely successful author based on his Doctor books and the films they spawned – there are 12 here

George Mikes was an iconic wit celebrating national foibles in his many books – some of which are here

Stephen Potter wrote the legendary Gamesmanship books including Anti woo – you can catch them here

No collection like this would be complete without “1066 And All That” and “Now All This” by Sellars and Yeatman – so here they are

There is a page with compilations of humour that are actually funny here

AP Herbert and his famous “Misleading Cases” are here

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